Aisyah Rozi.

Mother of two. I have a thing with Chocolates.

"Jujur" Story

How Jujur Organics come to Life

Hi! I am Aisyah and I am a mother, wife and passionate about beauty and healthy lifestyle. I have always struggled with acne since teenager and I have tried countless products on the market. My skin started getting better after switching to organic products during my early adulthood.

Some time after giving birth to my second child, my skin went haywire and couldn’t stop breaking out. I felt like a teenager again, looking for products that suit my skin and nothing worked. In the end, I started making my own skincare by learning about skincare formulations. There are many botanical ingredients out there that are truly remarkable but not being used in products because they are rare or too expensive.

Jujur means "Honest" in Malay. A solution to be no gimmicks, no nasties, no hidden agenda.

Aisyah Rozi, Founder Jujur Organics. Tweet

I have been blessed to have found my holy grail solution to my skin, and I want to share that with the world and help people get healthy, clear, glowing skin. At the same time, I know that skincare regime can be daunting, so being multifunctional is important to cut down on skincare steps that can help save time.

Jujur Organics is all about being creative and using effective ingredients that work in synergy to serve its function for truly great results. Jujur Organics went 2 years of research, development and testing to thoroughly come up with a product that just works. 

Jujur Organics live up to its name; – Jujur (that means honest in Malay) a solution to no gimmicks, no nasties, no hidden agenda. Just the real thing, -natural, organic and simply effective.

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