How To Prevent Your Sensitive Skin By Knowing The Ingredients

I will tell you the secret in reducing skin sensitivity that might surprises you in purchasing your next skincare product.

Many active ingredients; research done by specialists are largely nature-derived, can provenly reduce skin sensitivity.

These are ingredients that you need to know for your skin, making it possible to follow a regular cleansing and moisturizing routine, while also protecting the skin.

  • Dexpanthenol is imitative of Vitamin B5. It helps to reduce transepidermal water loss through the acceleration of your skin’s own healing and renewal process.
  • Similarly, Glycerin helps maintain your skin’s moisture levels by acting as a humectant.
  • Nature-identical Gluco Glycerol – the Aquaporins stimulates the skin’s moisture distribution channels where it hydrates your skin and improves its barrier function.
  • Ceramide-3 is biologically identical to the Ceramides produced by well-balanced skin.
  • pH5 Citrate Buffer restores your skin’s natural pH levels so skin’s enzyme activities can return to normal, enabling moisturization and strengthened resistance to irritants.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a substance found naturally in skin that helps to re-energize cells that makes them well-built and helping them to function more effectively.
  • Biotin, which also known as Vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that strengthens skin, nails, and hair.

Don’t rub your face with your towel! Using a towel, pat your skin gently after showering to prevent skin irritation.

Any irritation or flare-ups that still appear after a few months of applying skincare products, I suggest you book an appointment and see your dermatologist immediately!

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